10 useful things for your life that you can learn at the pilgrims’ route to Santiago de Compostela

Categories: Personal development

Few days ago MotivarT started the new adventure of doing the route to Santiago de Compostela by walking. It is very advisable to experience walking this route at least once in life. You learn lots of things walking so many kilometres.

Here you have the 10 more important things that the route can teach you for your life:

1.- Set a goal and plan your daily targets. It is not enough wishing to reach Santiago de Compostela. If you start walking in the opposite direction you could be walking away day by day. This is why it is so important to plan the way you will follow, the stops you will make, what will you need during the way, where will you stop… You set your own limits.

2.- Listen to your body: take care of yourself, respect yourself, love yourself. When you walk every day you need to take care of your feet, your knees, your back. You have a daily routine where you make some stretching, you massage your muscles, you rest enough to recover yourself… However in our lives our body is usually forgotten. We don’t pay attention to the messages it sends to us, and sometimes the only way it has to call our attention is to suddenly stop us.

3.- If there are setbacks see what resources you count with to face them, or look for alternative ways. When you walk every day for several days you cannot choose the weather or if any setback will arise. What you can do is to choose what to do: stop, go back, look for help, ask others how do they do it, search for what you need to keep on walking.

4.- You don’t walk alone. In life, as in the route, there are others living similar experiences, walking the same way you walk. Learn from them. Share experiences with them. Sometimes you need some help. Sometimes you meet people who need you. In the route you can also find different cultures and different ways of living life. If you open your mind to all these you can learn if you are humble, tolerant and emphatic.

5.- Know yourself; your strengths and weak points. The route is a great teacher for this. While you walk you discover little by little how you are. Knowing yourself is essential to plan realistic and achievable targets, to discover how much potential you still have to keep on growing, to learn when to ask for help, to share with others all the good things you have.

6.- Live here and now: Sometimes while walking our mind gets distracted, flies away and entertains dreaming, lucubrating or analyzing. We forget to look around and pay attention to what surrounds us. Walking here and now we can enjoy the beauty of the route and make sure we take the right way not missing any sign that life sends us.

7.- Be thankful; The route, as life does, gives you thousand reasons to be so. A friend’s hand that helps you to climb or descend a hill, and advice from somebody that already walked that way before you, a hot shower at the end of the day, some food with a good companion, a wonderful landscape or a water fountain in the way. Most of the times we don’t value these small things because we assume that they will always be there, and we don’t value how important they are until we loose them.

8.- Behind the clouds sun is always shinning. Sometimes it is really difficult to keep on walking because it never stops raining. Even if so you keep on walking because you know that sun will finally shine. You learn to keep on walking because there is something bigger motivating you: to reach you goal.

9.- Travel light. In the route carrying a light backpack helps you to move forward. In life we usually walk carrying too much weight on our backs. When you leave some things you realize that you can walk with less and this makes it easier to arrive further.

10.- Celebrate your small daily achievements. Each stage you finish in the route is a target reached. It is a reason for you to feel satisfied and proud of yourself. Plenty of times in life we forget to celebrate our achievements and we loose awareness that we deserve that celebration. Do not forget it!

Camino Santiago 2014