Carrot, egg or cofee? You choose…

Categories: Emotional Intelligence

One girl complaint to her father about her life, how things were really hard for her. Each time she solved a problem a new one arose. She didn’t know how to keep on going. She was tired of fighting and was thinking about giving up. Her father was a Chef at a restaurant and one day he decided to take her to the placed where he worked. Once there, saying no word, he filled three small containers with water and placed a carrot in one of them, an egg in another one and some coffee beans in the third one. After this he started to boil them. The girl waited patiently asking herself what was her father doing.

DSC_3942Twenty minutes later the father put out the fire. He took the carrot, the egg and the coffee and put them in a container. He asked the girl to come close and touch the carrot feeling how it was. She did it and answered it was soft. After this he asked her to break the egg and see how it was inside. She did as well and answered it was hard. Finally he asked her to try the coffee. She smiled and enjoyed its flavour.

The daughter asked: What does this mean, father?

He explained to her: “The three elements faced the same adversity: boiling water. However each of them reacted in a different way: the carrot was hard and strong and became soft and weak; the egg was fragile, only protected by a shell, and it became hard; the coffee beans were unique and after being in boiling water they changed it.

Which of them are you? he asked his daughter…

Sometimes in life we face circumstances that we cannot change. The only thing we can do is choosing how to face them. Maybe today is one of these days when water is boiling and we start feeling really hot. You can choose if you want to be a carrot, an egg or coffee. Choose if you want to leave difficulties carry you away while you become weak and give up; If you want to learn from those difficulties and challenges and build a shell around you to protect yourself appearing hard outside but loosing your inside essence; If you want to use these situations to transform yourself and transform what is around you, showing what you really are, what makes you unique, what can enrich others, the very best of you… What do you choose?