How important to be grateful is

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MC Blog 2015-I

Some days ago I spent some time with old friends and we discussed about a common friend who is trying to adopt an Indian girl for now more than six years. Bureaucracy and India’s special features have delayed the process. During the conversation we came across the lately news about young girls and teenagers raped and killed in India. In particular I remember a news regarding two teenagers that had been raped and hung in the night when they were looking for a private place to relieve themselves. Around half of India population (nearly 600 million people) has no toilet and is forced to use open air spaces to relieve themselves. This means a high risk for women that constantly suffer sexual harassment and rapes.

I remember reading those news made me think once more how many things we have and we do not value because we take them for granted. Things that we should be grateful for in our lives but we never include in our internal conversations, discussions with friends, family members or work mates, usually full of complaints.

Today I invite you to discover the importance of being grateful. I mean “being”, emphasizing as an state that requires you to think about what you have, mindfully, in a constant renewal mood, living here and now… It is something else than just “being” grateful. It is a choice. Your choice on how you choose to live your life.

Since I read the news about those two teenagers I make a daily mindfulness exercise. I invite you to do it as well. You only need to stop living “automatically”, stop living thinking about the past, what you said, what someone did to you, or in the future, what is about to come, all your worries, your plans… and become conscious about present moment paying attention to all you have and you want to be grateful for (and I say “want”, because is your choice).

Every night, before falling asleep, I go over those things and choose three. Even in complicated or hard days I make an effort to find those three things. By doing so I have become conscious that there are always things to be grateful for. Do you want to try it? What are you waiting for? What can you loose?

You can do this exercise right now, starting by becoming aware of each thing, person, situation… that you enjoy and you want to be grateful for.

When you choose “being” grateful you live your life to the full. You focus in positive things, in the things you want instead of the things you don’t like, that are bad for you and you don’t want. You become the owner of your feelings and your life. You change your perspective and, therefore, everything around you changes.

Do you want to choose how to feel today? Do you want to be grateful? What is stopping you from doing so?

Start now and don’t forget to choose 3 things to be grateful for today before you sleep tonight.

I do want to be grateful: Thank you for being there reading this blog…