Your erroneous zones (Dr.Wayne W.Dyer)

Don’t wait any longer to read this book in case you didn’t do it by now. You will discover why you are the way you are, you will understand that you can say “no” and avoid feeling guilty… you will find yourself in each chapter  and you will discover what is stopping you from living happiness in each moment. Wayne W. Dyer inspires us once more. He has contributed with this and many other books helping thousands of people to improve their lives and to live more intensively each moment in life. It is with no doubt a book to buy, read and read again, and give as a present to somebody you appreciate…


88 steps to success (Anxo Pérez)

A master piece with no doubt. This book will lead you through 88 steps for you to develop your talents, for you to design the path to wherever you want to go, for you to reach your own success. Because, as the author Anxo Perez says in his book “Worst enemy in life is no death, but wasting life”.

So go and make the most of your the time you have reading this book and developing your talents to the highest level going up these 88 steps. Let’s meet on top 😉

88 peldaños Anxo

The rainbow Troops (Andrea Hirata)

This fantastic book has brought to me wonderful memories of a far and at the same time close Country, Indonesia. This children’s story show us that we can follow our dreams, that there is no room for giving up in life for those that believe in miracles.

Once more the rainbow is shining in our way.




A movie about loyalty and self-confidence that shows how good always succeeds. Even in the most difficult situations it is worthy not to give up if you are fighting for justice. Those who have less give us example, and we end up the movie asking ourselves how much would we be ready to sacrifice “to do the correct thing”, as the main characters do in this story.


Ella (Bebe)

A song that makes us feel well, strong, powerful. It reminds us to keep on looking ahead and fighting to be what we really are because doing so our lives will never be a failure again. It was my life sound track during hard times. Now it activates us and puts a smile in our faces. Move while you listen to it!!! Enjoy the moment because you got it!!! 😉

Ella Bebe

The inner compass

A book that changed our lives. The Inner Compass is a reference for all those that want to become the owners of their destiny, the main characters of their present, the bosses of their lives.

Alex Rovira is able to give us practical tools with an engaging and readable book, making us to think about how to use the inner compass that guides our lives.

“What will you do if you were not scared?”



Dead poets‘ society

This film is an inspiring model for us since long time ago. It reflects a participative education where the trainer teaches his pupils something more than theory, but a way to understand life and how to live it intensely.

“Carpe Diem” is with no doubts a maxim for MotivarT.

“Make your life something extraordinary” (Professor Keating in “Dead Poets Society”)




The scorpion‘s kiss

Inspiring video that invites us to dream, to fight for what we want with no fears to do a mistake, learning from each fall.

“Free your potential”


Somewhere over the rainbow

What can we say about this song? It is a hymn for MotivarT that we listen in every Course. When the storm is finished, behind the clouds, there is always a rainbow that bring us hope, confidence in the future, in life, designing a smile in our faces and inspiring us to keep on walking convinced that we are in the correct way.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true…”