What do you do with your dreams?

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For quite a long time of my life I stopped dreaming. Those days I used to believe that anything I dreamt of would stay forever in the The World Where Impossible Things live. It was some kind of superstition that I had built because of certain inconvenient things that had happened to me in the past, and had made me unconsciously thought that a mysterious strength was listening to my dreams to boycott them… Now I realize that, those days, I used to live as a victim of circumstances. I used to think that I was some kind of puppet controlled by a destiny that I could not control… This made me bury my dreams to avoid that any strange and hostile strength could come and take them away.

It is funny how our minds work sometimes. We bury our dreams to keep them safe; because we think that they will never become real… And then the prophecy is fulfilled. Our dreams never become real…

Long time ago I discovered that we are not victims of circumstances. We can choose the life we want to live, because in fact that is what we do in each step of our lives, with each decision we take. Even when circumstances make us feel trapped, slaves, with no way out, there is always a possibility to choose how to face that, how to manage it, how to live it. We are choosing the life we want to live even when our choice is to live thinking that we are victims of our own circumstances and there is no other choice…

Now I live as the main character of my life and I dare to dream. Because now there is no room for superstition or fear any more. And the best of it is that my dreams become real. When you dare to dream you dare to design your own future and you focus your energy in that future that you are looking for. You start moving forward and you look for the ways to make your dreams real. You start believing that is possible to reach what you want, and you dare to set a goal and put yourself in action to make that dream true.

Eventually you compromise with your dream and “magically”? it becomes real.

And what about you? What do you do with your dreams? Do you dare to dream?