What would you do if you were not scared

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We are currently immersed in a moment of continuous changes. There are changes in our society affecting the way we live and face life. Many friends talk to me about their professional careers; I see doubts, conformism as well, and lots of fear. I always tell them: “it is the time to reinvent yourself”, and all of them agree so, but only a few of them dare to do it.

Most of them stay afloat the best they can in jobs that don’t make them happy but give them the “financial security” they search.  Life gave some of them the opportunity of adopting a different and more satisfactory course when they were fired from their jobs. However they moved to similar jobs where they are consumed day after day. Regarding personal aspects many of them survive in grey relationships that finished years ago or should have never started while they look for excuses not to break like their children or thinking things could be worse. Some others keep flitting from flower to flower not leaving their Peter Pan go and avoiding to face their true reality.

Only a few of them are bold and brave enough to reinvent themselves and bet for new courses that will let them be really themselves, be more happy, and will bring them and those around them a better life quality.

What makes the difference between ones and the others? The difference is that the last ones are not scared. Well, they are scared and at the same time they are brave enough not to let fear paralyze them.

Fear is a choice, by all means. Danger exists but you choose if you are scared or not.

Do today what your heart is asking you to do. You do not need to live in an irresponsible way. How long do you want to keep on living being scared? You will never be as young as you are today. Tell that girl that you love her. Leave your frustrating job and start working doing what you always wanted to do. Have that baby you want to have. Finish with that relationship that is a sham, or toxic or suffocating. Start studying what you always wanted to study. Sell your house and accept that job offer in another Country. Attend dance lessons. Ask for forgiveness to those you offended. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love you just the way you are…

What are you waiting for to start living the life you always wanted to live?

Right now difficulties exist, failure is possible and even so there are thousands of people saying goodbye to their fears and becoming the owners of their destinies. They are not different from you. What stops you from being one of them?

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