Ricardo Olabegoya Estrela


Motivator, Trainer and Coach

“Each course is for me an opportunity to enjoy learning and sharing with others”

  • Master Degree in Marine Sciences, International Certified Coach and Firewalking Certified Instructor by FIRE.
  • He path as a Trainer started in 1998 and has taken place in Spain, Portugal and Asia.
  • Participant in several training and management Congress and Conferences he has coordinated several training projects for Public Administration and private companies and cooperates in a regular basis with different consulting and training firms.
  • His professional experience includes as well other areas such as Consulting, Audit and Emergency areas (7 years working as fireman, international voluntary worker and founder of “Simulacros, Formación en Emergencias”)
  • Currently he is CEO at MotivarT and is focused in Skills Training, motivating organizations, in Coaching and Outdoor Training.


Mari Carmen Galán Fernández



Trainer, Coach and Firewalking Instructor

“My passion is to help others to grow sharing my own life experiences. My best reward, their personal development”.

  • Master Degree in Business Administration, she speaks four languages and has completed her education with several PhD courses at San Pablo CEU University, and with Skills Management and Business Management courses.
  • With more than 15 years experience in multinational companies where she has had different positions as Finance Manager in big firms in IT industry such as BEA Systems, Oracle or Microsoft.
  • Her professional experience includes as well Business Consulting in China for two years.
  • Currently she is fully focused in her passion that is Training and Coaching as part of MotivarT team.