Reach your best version

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I don’t remember now the first time I listened to this sentence but I remember I liked it.

I was personally and professionally in a catharsis moment and the only thing that was clear to me was that a change was needed, and it was what I needed to do. Change was easily coming out and it was the best to do; that was for sure.

I liked the sentence: “reach your best version”. It sounded Ok. I imagined my clone right by myself, with a better aspect than mine, more shiny and new, as new toys when I used to take them out of their boxes on Christmas day and put them in the shelves by the old ones.

That clone was replicated ad infinitum. I saw myself in a row of “me’s”, each one with a better aspect. Well, actually they not only had a better aspect (hardware), but a better software as well (what I have inside me that makes me to be what I am).

It is fun how now we constantly receive messages in our mobile phones or in our computers telling us that there are new software versions available to be downloaded for our computers or Apps, and inviting us to run and see the great things these new versions are bringing. You finish updating one and there is a new version already waiting to be installed. When we receive this message we immediately download and install the update with asking no questions. We always have time for it. Nobody wants to become obsolete. We want to have the best version by all means.

But, what happens with your internal software? Do you ever think about updating it? If you do so, are you able to stop for a moment and dedicate yourself the time you need to do it?

The first step you need to take is to dedicate yourself some loving time to better know you, where you are, here and now. How are you going to know what your best version includes if you don’t stop and analyze how is your current version, which codes does it include or in which programming language is your software written in?

I invite you to do a stop in your way and spend today some time on yourself:

-Where are you?

-Who are you?

-What is moving you?

-What are you looking for?

-What would you do if you were not scared…?

When you will answer these questions you will start a way to reach your best version ever. From this point you will be able to ask yourself which version you want to reach. Are you ready to start?