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"You can't teach a man anything; you can only help him find the answer within himself."

Galileo Galilei

Coaching is a support process that seeks to unleash people’s potential so that they can take their performance to the highest level. Just as a sports coach trains the body or physical skills, a Coach trains the mind and intellectual and mental skills.

Each of us hides within us the necessary potential to become whatever we want to be.

The Trainer/Coach, through questions, helps the Client/Coachee find the answers for themselves, because in this way a greater impact is achieved, an internal transformation process can begin that leads to external changes.

Coaching reviews limiting beliefs that hold us back in the search to achieve our goals. It helps to find the values that are hidden behind those beliefs, and poses the questions that allow you to achieve those objectives. Because if you keep doing the same things as always and in the same way as always, why do you expect different results?

With our Personal Coaching (Life Coaching) or Executive and Team Coaching sessions we can help you grow, achieve new personal or professional goals, and achieve the best in your team.


Individual Coaching Sessions with NLP

Do you want to make a change in your life?

Do you feel stuck with an issue that you want to resolve now?

Do you want to find a new approach that allows you to resolve a conflict in a close relationship?

Are you looking to reorient your life and achieve new goals?

You don't need to have a problem to attend a Coaching session. You just need to want to grow or move forward and find answers that transform your life.

MotivarT Coaching and People Training offers individual sessions where you can work on specific objectives over a period of time agreed between Coach and client in which we work together helping the client achieve them by overcoming fears and unblocking obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals; changing habits; eliminating limiting beliefs.

Ask without obligation about our in-person or Skype Coaching sessions. Their duration is approximately 90 minutes and their frequency varies depending on the objective to be worked on.

We offer you a free first presentation and contact session. So that you can experience the power of Coaching for yourself and can begin your process without doubts.

«The secret of moving forward is to start» (Mark Twain)


The difference between organizations that achieve exceptional results, that work as a team, that communicate effectively, and those that do not do so is based on the fact that the former work together seeking a common goal, being clear above all about why and why they want to achieve that goal. objective and what is the path to follow to achieve it.

The difference between leaders who get the best from their teams and those who do not is that the former know the talents of each of the components of their teams and they all have a common objective aligned with the individual objectives of their members seeking to add and multiply.

The difference between effective professionals, who add value to their organizations, with a balance between their personal and professional life, satisfied with their performance and those who do not have any of this is that the former are clear about what their objective is at a professional level. , where they are going and what path they choose to follow to achieve it, they do not let themselves be carried away by circumstances, by events. They are the owners of their destiny.

Through accompaniment work with Executive Coaching or Team Coaching sessions adapted to your needs and/or the needs of your company, we offer you and/or your organization the possibility of having support that helps you achieve your goals and achieve your best version as a professional or as a team.

Just as elite athletes and great teams in any sport have a personal trainer to help them win competitions and reach the podium, the best executives and professionals and the company teams with the best results have a coach or personal trainer. that helps them maximize their performance and achieve their goals.

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