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We believe in human capital and people. Under this premise, training allows us to teach and learn, since for us one does not make sense without the other.
What moves us inside is helping people and organizations to grow, develop and achieve their objectives. We have been dedicating ourselves to training people in different areas (skills, personal growth, Management…) for more than ten years. What characterizes all our training is creativity, innovation and personalization of each course according to the client’s needs, achieving active, fun and experiential participation.

Keep reading and you will find more information about our In-Company Training and our Outdoor Training.
All training is conceived as a process of personal and professional growth for the participant, during which they will be able to explore and develop their possibilities, resources and skills to contribute to the improvement of their organizations.
Our training is personalized and artisanal. We teach open courses and also tailored courses that adjust to the needs of the company both in objectives and duration as well as schedules.
If you want more information about the courses we teach, you can download the brochure with detailed information about each of them. Don’t forget that we can customize each course to your needs or those of your company.
We transmit our dynamic and adventurous character through training outside the classroom that allows students to develop skills, experiencing challenges that will allow them to work on how to achieve their goals both personally and as a team.
It’s more than just getting out of the workplace and having a good time together. Our outdoor courses include theoretical sessions before and after outdoor activities. In this way, they become another training tool that helps achieve the objective set by the group. Subsequently, everything learned (conclusions and experiences) is integrated through practical tasks in the workplace.
What do we offer?
We can also offer you our services as Consultants. We offer you our professional experience in the business area, both in Spain and abroad, helping you develop your projects in the most efficient way.
If you want to develop a project and don’t know how, here we are. We offer you:
  • Design of the training plan
  • Advice on subsidized training
  • Needs analysis
  • Custom course design

Our Courses

Time Management

The course will allow the participant to reflect on their time management model and, during it, they will learn and put into practice the tools for effective time management on both a personal and professional level.


The course will allow the participant to acquire teamwork techniques, an essential tool that allows achieving objectives through cooperation between individuals.

Stress Management

The course will allow participants to learn the concepts related to stress, learn different relaxation techniques and tools to manage stressful situations.

Motivation Course

This course works on both internal and external motivation. Good motivation will be positive in any job, it will allow you to take advantage of the maximum potential of human capital, avoiding flight and also generating a good work environment.

Effective Meetings

This course equips participants with the tools necessary to organize effective meetings, introducing them to their key elements, behavioral guidelines when planning and leading a meeting, and how to get the most out of them.

Skills for Managers

This eminently practical course is aimed at middle managers and aims to strengthen their management skills by providing them with effective communication, negotiation and leadership tools.

How to speak in public

The course will allow the participant to identify their most common type of communication and that of their interlocutors, and acquire the tools to speak in public reliably, reaching their audience and impacting them.


This course will provide participants with training in social skills that allow them to have effective and satisfactory interpersonal relationships, incorporating them into their daily communication and coping strategies.

Effective Communications

Communication is what we do most frequently but not what we do best. The objective of this course is to reinforce the communication skills of the participants both at the level of interpersonal communication and in training or leadership.


This course reinforces people’s managerial and social skills, improves the participant’s communication and gives them the ability to recognize different profiles among their subordinates, allowing them to get the best from each one.

Laughter Therapy Course

This course, eminently practical, will discover laughter therapy as a tool for releasing tension, promoting a positive attitude towards life through the combination of games, body expression, group dynamics and relaxation techniques.

Sales Teams

This course will allow you to optimize customer management and improve the service provided through total customer orientation. It will increase sales and profit, in addition to building customer loyalty, improving their satisfaction and getting them to act as ambassadors of our company.

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