Why Coaching does not work?

Yes. You did not misread it. Coaching does not work. As a Certified Coach everyday I come across people that starts a Coaching process looking for answers, wishing changes in their lives, or being eager to be pushed forward.

However, once the process starts, the hard work starts as well. Usually believes, habits or fears are not so easy to be deleted from the way, and even if some changes are done and the result is successful, only few people are able of making real and permanent changes that transform their lives; only few of them are able of reaching their goals.

Why Coaching does not work? Because you need to be firmly COMMITTED. Wanting a change is not enough. Not even looking for a professional’s help. Coaching only works when COMMITMENT is bigger than any other motivation.

In other cultures (mainly Anglo-Saxons) having a Coach to improve your professional career, to get a more efficient team in your company or to reach those personal goals that are hard to get is very common. In our Latino culture it is said that only those who are suffering a pain or difficulty harder than the effort they will need to do to get rid of it, ask for a Coach’s help. Are we too attached to our comfort zone?

We all understand that a professional athlete, a footballer or a tennis player needs a personal trainer or coach. We understand that they need his/her help to face huge challenges and beat their rivals or their marks. On the other hand, no football, basketball or rugby team will exist without a coach. A captain, a team leader, is not enough. A coach is needed to help the team reach their best version and win all the matches.

Then, why a business team ruling a company does not need an Executive Coach to “beat” daily challenges, to help them reach their goals, to improve their sales or to have a more efficient communication, for example? And you, why you don’t need a personal Life Coach to help you be the number one in your life, to get the gold medal in your relationships, in your professional career, in your competitiveness, in your happiness…?

You may think your life is not so bad (of course it could be worse). You may think that you don’t need anybody’s help, or you may feel scared of facing your own reality in case you discover that making some changes you could live a better life, or in case those changes are too hard for you.

I can assure you that having a Coach in your life can help you. YES, COACHING WORKS. Whenever you are ready to COMMIT yourself… and you start working.

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