Why doesn’t Coaching work?

Yes, you read it right. Coaching doesn’t work. As a Coach I meet daily with people who begin a Coaching process looking for answers, wanting changes in their lives, longing for a push to move forward.

However, once the process begins, the hard work begins as well. Normally the brakes (beliefs, habits, fears…) are not easy to eliminate from the path, and although they are capable of working for a time on what is holding them back, even if they make certain changes and the result is satisfactory, only a few Few manage to make truly transformative and permanent changes, they manage to fully achieve the proposed objectives.

Why doesn’t Coaching work? Because it takes a firm COMMITMENT to oneself. It is not enough to want to change. It is not enough to want to find solutions. It is not enough to even seek the help of a professional, in this case a Coach. Coaching only works when COMMITMENT to oneself is greater than any other motivation.

There are other cultures (mainly Anglo-Saxon) that have more internalized having a Coach in their lives, either to improve their professional careers, to achieve more efficient teams in their companies, or to achieve personal goals that resist them. In our Latin culture it is said that those who find themselves in a situation in which the pain/difficulty they are experiencing is greater than the effort it will take to work on themselves to eliminate it from their lives seek the help of a Coach. Why wait until that point? Are we too attached to our comfort zone?

We all understand perfectly that a professional athlete, a soccer player or tennis player, has a private trainer or coach. We understand that these athletes constantly face great challenges and that both to withstand the tension that this entails and to be able to beat the opponent and improve their records, they need the help of a coach. No football, basketball or rugby team would dream of existing without a coach. The captain of the team, the leader, is not enough. You need a coach who leads the team towards the best version of itself, to win every game.

So, a team of managers who run a company, why not have a personal trainer or Coach to help them “win” in each daily struggle, help them achieve their goals, improve their sales, have communication? that brings them greater efficiency, etc.? And you, why aren’t you going to have a personal trainer or Coach to help you be number one in your life, to win the gold medal in your relationships, in your professional career, in your competition, in your happiness? …?

Your life may not be that bad (of course it could be worse), you may think that you don’t need anyone to help you, or you may be afraid to face your reality in case you discover that by making some changes you could live a better life or because of how hard it seems to you to make that change.

I assure you that having a personal Coach can help you and IT DOES WORK. You just need to COMMIT to yourself and start working.

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