Reach your best version

I no longer remember the first time I heard this phrase, but I do remember that I liked it.

I was in a moment of personal and professional catharsis and I was only clear that the change was necessary, it was what had to be done, it was something that came without effort, and it was for the better; that’s for sure.

I liked the “reach my best version”, it sounded good. I imagined my clone next to me, looking better, shinier and newer, like the toys fresh out of the box on Epiphany morning when you put them next to the old ones.

This improved clone also replicated infinitely. I saw myself in a succession of “Is” standing in a row, each one looking better. Well, not only did they have better looks (hardware) but also better software (what’s inside me and makes me who I am).

It’s funny how now, at all hours, we are receiving messages on our mobile phone or computer informing us that there are new versions of the software, or whatever application, available, ready for us to download and run to see the wonders that lie ahead. they provide. You just updated one and an improved version is ready. When we received that message we didn’t even question whether to download the new update or not. There is always time for that. Nobody wants to become obsolete. We undoubtedly want to have the best version.

But what about your internal software? Are you even considering updating it? And if you do, are you able to stop for a moment and dedicate to yourself the time you need for that?

The first step is to dedicate that time lovingly to get to know yourself better and know where you are here and now. How are you going to know what your best version will include without stopping to analyze what version you are on, what codes the current one includes or what programming language your software is written in?

I invite you to stop along the way and dedicate some time to yourself today:

Where are you?
Who are you?
What moves you?
What are you looking for?
What would you do if you werent afraid…?
When you answer these questions you will have started on the path to achieving your best version. From there you can consider which one you want to achieve.

Are you ready to start?…

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