“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” (Confucius)

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After many years in Training, and being a Coach, active listening is everywhere in my life. The other day I was in a training course encouraging the participants to practice it. It is just about listening with your mind fully focused on what you are doing, in that present moment; focused in the person that is talking to you and in the message that this person is giving to you. It is about turning off the interior voices and stopping the longing to give an advice, to interrupt, to tell “your story”…

In Coaching active listening is essential. The Coach makes questions and… listens  and… asks… and the Coachee little by little undoes the knots in the ball finding him/her own answers hand-in-hand with the Coach. This is only possible thanks to active listening.

Probably you come to this blog looking for answers. ‘Let’s see what these people tell me!’ We spend our lives asking ourselves what to do and how to do it: What to do to be more happy, to feel better with ourselves, to improve in our jobs, to start that project we always dreamt of or to keep on living our lives not making ourselves too many questions…

I am very sorry to tell you that in this blog you are not going to find answers. You will find only questions that you and me will make together, and a lot of active listening. In this way we will find clarifying answers, because the truths that are found by yourself, those that suddenly bright in your mind with a sparkle designing a smile in your face, are stronger and more valuable than any others.

So that is what this blog is about. It is about sharing experiences, doubts, brilliant ideas or just daily life things. And it is about making questions to ourselves, and practicing active listening (in this case “active reading”…). Of course you are invited as well to participate telling me what each post suggests you. This is team working, what were you thinking it is?

This morning I was spending some time asking myself why I am here, starting this blog and trying to tell you something, and how it would be the best way to star doing it since I am strong in face to face communication as it is what I have been doing for years. Then this quote from Confucius that I used to start writing today’s post came to my mind. And the answer easily came to me: I am here following what my heart is asking me, and I am going to do it with all my heart.

Let’s leave life surprise us while starting this new way. I will be telling you more things….