Stop assuming that you already have them: stop and think.

Often the frenetic pace of everyday life drags us down and robs us of the calm we need to stop and think about ourselves, our lives, the path we are following and how we could do it better. On many occasions this frenetic pace also becomes a perfect excuse not to have to do it.

Thinking that we have no choice but to live as we do is somehow comforting and liberating. Is he cowardly? Well, in any case, it’s legit. I consider it more a resignation, although surely you are now thinking that you don’t stop to think about it and you don’t live resigned…

What is clear is that it frees you from having to make the decision to direct your life.

If you stop now to think about the different situations in your life: how many times are you the one who really leads and how many times is it others, or what they will say, making yourself look good, what your mother, your partner, your friends say? …? Are you one of those who prefer to blame, or those who take responsibility?

Have an open attitude to others, to other opinions, to change.

When our attitude is open we can value others, what is different, what is new, what takes us out of our comfort zone, with respect for their uniqueness and difference. This allows us to return to our decisions, opinions and points of view with a more critical vision and reaffirm ourselves, or not, in them with more self-confidence. In short, we are more owners of what we do and direct our lives.

Stop waiting for others to do, speak, decide for you.

This way you will stop depending. How many times, because you don’t want to hurt those around you, do you let time pass waiting for them to decide? How many times do you do, or don’t do, something because others “advise” you to act that way, even though you are not very convinced? Letting go of this dependency will give you power. Power over your life and your decisions. It’s not about ignoring those next to you and thinking only about yourself. It’s about listening to them, taking them into account, but not staying immobilized waiting for them because you feel unable to act or because you fear that your actions will not be accepted, or because you need their approval.

Stop procrastinating: take action.

Your life does not depend on your circumstances. You create your circumstances with the cards you have been dealt in life. Stop postponing the things you have always wanted to do, or the things you have to do whether you like it or not, and getting moving will help you feel liberated, because you no longer depend on others, but you set the pace, you decide the rhythm. , you choose the path. The feeling of freedom you experience transforms your vision of life. First you reflect and choose, and then you act with confidence. It can be scary at first, because there will no longer be anyone to “hold responsible” if things go wrong. Afterwards you feel like you are the owner of your destiny because, whether you are right or not, as the song says: “What will take you to the end will be YOUR steps, not the path.”

Really love yourself.

Enough to make it worth the effort. Taking charge of your life requires loving yourself as you are, understanding yourself, accepting yourself. Someone who does not love or value himself enough will not be able to direct his life, simply because he will not feel capable of doing so and will not consider himself worthy or deserving of doing so. Do you think you deserve to be the owner of your life?

In short, taking charge of life is sometimes not easy, but it is always rewarding, empowering and liberating.

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are allowing ourselves to be controlled by circumstances or by others and putting the most precious thing we have in their hands. Of course there are situations in which it is easier for us to do so and others in which it is complicated. Give yourself permission when it is, but don’t let it paralyze you.

Who rules in your life? Do you dare to be you?

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