And you… what do you do with your dreams?

For a good part of my life I lived without dreaming. A belief accompanied me. He believed that everything he dreamed of would be buried forever in the world of the impossible. It was a kind of superstition that I had created as a result of some things that had not gone well for me in the past and that had unconsciously led me to believe that a mysterious force was listening to my dreams to boycott them… Now I realize that, in That time in my life, I lived as a victim of circumstances. I thought I was a puppet of a destiny over which I had no influence… So I had buried my dreams myself before any strange and ill-intentioned force came to take them away from me.

It’s funny how our minds work sometimes. We bury our dreams so that they are not taken from us, because we think that they can never really come true… And then the prophecy is fulfilled. Dreams are never achieved… ever.

I discovered a long time ago that we are not victims of circumstances. That we can choose the life we want to live, because in fact that is what we do with every step, with every decision. Even when circumstances seem to have such a great weight that we feel trapped, enslaved or without a way out, there are always possibilities to choose how to face all that, how we take it, how we live it. We are always choosing the life we want to live, even when the choice is to live thinking that you are a victim of your circumstances and that you cannot choose…

Now that I live as the protagonist of my life, I dare to dream, because there is no longer any place for superstition or fear. And the most wonderful thing of all is that those dreams come true. And, when you dare to dream, you dare to design your future, you put your energy into that future that you seek and desire, you get moving, and you start looking for how to make it a reality. You start by believing that it is possible to achieve what you want, and continue by daring to set a goal and take action to make that dream a reality.

In short, you commit to your dream and, “magically”?, it comes true.

And you, what do you do with your dreams? you dare to dream?

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