What would you do if you werent afraid?

The current reality is that we are immersed in a time of continuous change. Changes that are reflected in our society and that are affecting our way of living and facing life. Many friends tell me about their professional careers; There is uncertainty, also conformity and a lot of fear. I always answer: “it’s time to reinvent yourself,” and everyone agrees that this is the case, but only a few dare to do it. Most of them stay afloat as best they can in jobs that do not make them happy but that give them the much sought-after “economic security.” Even for some, life gave them the opportunity to take new, more satisfying paths by giving them a layoff and they have returned to similar jobs in which they consume themselves day after day. On a personal level, many survive in gray relationships that ended years ago or that should never have started, looking for excuses not to break them or justifying their decision because they could be worse off or not to harm their children. Others move from flower to flower without wanting to let their Peter Pan go so as not to have to face their true reality. Only a few are daring and brave enough to reinvent themselves and opt for new directions that allow them to truly be themselves, to be happier and ultimately bringing a better quality of life to all those around them. What differentiates them from each other? The difference is that the latter are not afraid. Well, yes they have it, and at the same time they are brave enough not to let themselves be paralyzed by it. Without a doubt fear is a choice. The danger exists, but you choose to be afraid or not. Without starting to live irresponsibly, do today what your heart asks of you. How long are you willing to continue living in fear? You will never be as young as today again. Tell that girl you love her. She leaves your frustrating job and she starts working on what you’ve always dreamed of. Have that child you want. End that relationship that is a farce, or that is toxic and suffocating. Start studying what you always wanted to study. Sell your house and accept that job offer in another country. Sign up for dance classes. Apologize to whoever you offended. Look in the mirror and say that you love yourself just the way you are… What are you waiting for to start living the life you have always wanted to live? At this very moment difficulties exist, failure is possible and yet there are thousands of people saying goodbye to their fears from their lives and becoming the masters of their destiny. They are no different from you. What stops you from being one of them?

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